ABit's KR7A-RAID officially presented

ABit's KR7A-RAID officially presented

Abit have presented their new board for Socket A called KR7A-RAID. This is a version with VIA's newest KT266a chipset. This board has been eagerly awaited, especially by overclockers, since it was ABit who made overclocking socially acceptable.

Like some other boards with KT266a chipset before, ABit's new model also offers four DIMM- Base and can therefore be equipped with a maximum of 4GB memory. However, it must be the more expensive, so-called registered memory, which reduces the load on the mainboard. With normal, unregistered DDR-RAM you still get an impressive 3GB.

The board also offers well-known and proven: 1 AGP and 6 PCI slots, separately adjustable voltages for CPU, I/O (chipset ) and memory. Plus the well-known SoftmenuIII, which promises convenient overclocking settings via BIOS.

But the special thing about this board is the integrated Highpoint HPT372 RAID controller. It is one of the first to use the new ATA133 specification that Maxtor launched. The practical advantage is likely to be rather small, as with the switch from ATA66 to ATA100, but since the hard disk performance is still one of the main braking elements in modern PCs, every little step is welcome here.

All that remains is to wait for the corresponding hard drives .... The complete presentation of ABit is available here , unfortunately only in English for the time being. The link to ABit's halfway German-speaking address refers strangely to the TH7-II for the P4 ...


The link now also works on ABit's Dutch site.