Abits BG7 with i845G and DDR333 in the test: Intel's i845G outside of the specifications

Abits BG7 with i845G and DDR333 in the test: Intel's i845G outside of the specifications


Anyone who has carefully read the Abit BG7 test up to this point will certainly have noticed the advantages and disadvantages.

With the BG7 you certainly get a very good and in connection with DDR333 even very fast motherboard, but the otherwise very good impression is clouded by a few small flaws. The BG7 does not offer any special features such as Firewire, Bluetooth or Raid and only five of the maximum six possible PCI slots and the unofficial DDR333 support is also more complicated than initially thought. DDR333 operation was only possible in DIMM slot 3 and only with one module. In addition, the BG7 currently has the disadvantage that it can only be upgraded to a limited extent in this version, since the built-in i845G chipset does not support Hyper-Threading and is therefore not fully suitable for Intel's future Pentium4 processors. Whether Abit the BG7 inWe are unfortunately not aware of a new version with an i845G chipset in B-Step. Since this chipset has already found a successor in the form of the i845GE, it is unlikely that a new revision will come onto the market.

As almost always with Abit, the advantages are certainly in the overclocking options and the very good implementation of the onboard sound. Here Abit once again leads optical inputs and outputs to the outside.

All those who can do without DDR333 or get by with only one module in DIMM3, a stable, fast and high quality, but 'only' If you are looking for a board that can be upgraded to a 2.8GHz Pentium4 and not equipped with all features, you will certainly find an inexpensive alternative to the current mainboards in the BG7 from Abit, which can all shine with many features and the latest technology, but also require a high price .

Abit BG7
  • Digital audio interface
  • Overclocking options
  • Price
  • partially DDR333 support
  • integrated graphics
  • stability
  • OnBoard LAN
  • USB 2.0
  • no raid
  • no firewire
  • no bluetooth
  • only 5 PCI slots
  • not Suitable for Hyper-Threading
  • some problems with DDR333

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