Abit presents mainboards without classic connections

Abit presents mainboards without classic connections

Abit is one of the first manufacturers to bring its first Socket A mainboard onto the market, which is equipped with serial and parallel without the classic PS/2 connections. The Abit AT7 offers an extensive collection of USB and Firewire interfaces.

We already had the AT7 for a short time presented , now the board from Abit's new 'MAX' series is due to hit the Japanese market, equipped with the VIA KT333 chipset for AMD processors. The board supports ATA/133 and also has a Highpoint HPT 374 controller on-board, which supports up to eight additional ATA/133 drives as well as RAID 0, 1 and 0 + 1. The AT7 also has four memory slots that can accommodate up to 3.5 GB of buffered DDR266 RAM or up to 3 GB of buffered DDR333 RAM. A Realtek 6-channel sound chip with AC3 support and optical output provides the sound, while the 10/100 MBit network connection is also supplied by a Realtek chip. On the USB side, the KT333 Southbridge VT8233A provides four USB 1.1 connections, the VT6202 chip, which is also built in, provides another four USB 2.0 connections. Not to forget the TI TSB43AB23 for the two Firewire connections, which can be operated with 100, 200 and 400 Mbit/s.

However, due to the abundance of on-board components, the board only has three PCI Slots and one AGP 4x slot. A test board (engineering sample) can be seen in the pictures, from when and at what price the AT7 will be available from us has not yet been determined.

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