64MB-Ti4200 with a higher memory clock

64MB-Ti4200 with a higher memory clock

As reported by PC Games Hardware, the new A3 stepping on the GeForce4 cards brings with it a higher memory clock. They wanted to find out about this on the basis of some cards that are currently in the test laboratory.

This message, which has now been corrected, seems to be, if not incorrect, at least incomplete, since GeForce4 Ti4200 cards with A2 -Stepping can show this rate, as we could see from our own test copy of Inno3D , it is more likely that nVidia decided to increase the rate in general to give a little more leeway Obtain products that are close in terms of performance. This does not necessarily have to have something to do with the stepping of the built-in chip, which from a technical point of view would be quite nonsensical, since the chip and memory clocks have long been clocked asynchronously on nVidia-based cards.

A2 stepping with 257 MHz memory clock