5.1 set with wireless rear speakers from Teufel

5.1 set with wireless rear speakers from Teufel

The Berlin speaker specialist Teufel presents a 5.1 set for high demands with the new LT 4 Wireless theater. The set is suitable for rooms up to 50 m² and reduces the use of cables. Because the well-designed 5.1 set with aluminum columns controls the two rear speakers wirelessly via radio.

The target group is Teufel then not the common PC user, but home cinema fans with flat screens, whereby the identical chassis equipment of the four column speakers and the horizontal center speaker (L 420 C; 130/180 watt long/short term) - er should correspond one hundred percent to the four pillars in terms of sound character - should ensure a homogeneous sound character. The front speakers (L 420 FR; 130/180 watt long/short term) are connected to the AV receiver by cable as usual, while the radio-controlled rear columns (L 420 RWL; 90 watt sine wave) dock on a separate receiver box. This establishes a wireless digital radio connection in the 2.4 GHz range to the AV receiver up to a maximum distance of 20 m.

Teufel Theater LT 4 Wireless

The work of the satellite speakers is supported by the subwoofer with the designation L 4200 SW (250 watt sine wave). This is equipped with a 300 mm woofer and a digital 350 watt power amplifier. The LT 4 Wireless theater is available in the Teufel webshop for 1,499 euros.