500 Mhz DDR graphics memory from Samsung

500 Mhz DDR graphics memory from Samsung

Samsung has presented a new 128 Mbit DDR-SDRAM. Thanks to the 32-bit data width of the chip, the memory achieves a data throughput of no less than 2 gigabytes/sec

In modern graphics cards with a 128-bit memory bus, the chip enables memory bandwidths of up to when using four of these chips to 8 gigabytes/sec !!! The clock frequency of the DDR SDRAM memory chip is 250 Mhz, which corresponds to an effective 500 Mhz due to the data transmission with both clock edges.

Some manufacturers have already been supplied with samples, but when this high-speed memory, the the heart of the game fans will beat faster, will be available in large numbers, is not yet certain.