3GB CompactFlash Card presented

3GB CompactFlash Card presented

The memory card manufacturer Pretec today presented CompactFlash memory cards with a capacity of 3GB. This means that Pretec currently offers the highest capacity on a memory card. CompactFlash is the most widely used standard for memory cards.

Overall, Pretec offers the new memory cards in 3 different sizes. Cards with 1.5GB, 2GB and 3GB are to be delivered this year. With this, Pretec beats the previous record of IBM (1GB Microdrive) by three times.

The advantage of CompactFlash cards is their very low power consumption and their base on the normal IDE/ATA standard. This makes these cards ideal for a wide variety of applications in digital cameras, MP3 players or in industry.

However, the price is just as gigantic as the memory capacity of the cards. Pretec charges a full US $ 2499 for the 3GB card.

You can find the press release (.pdf) here .

CompactFlash 3GB