3DMark 2001 Second Edition in progress

3DMark 2001 Second Edition in progress

With the appearance of 3DMark in the 2001 edition, it was clear that the development of the benchmark is far from over. After all, you have to fulfill a certain tradition that has been maintained in the past few years with 3DMark 99 and 3DMark 2000.

Those who are already hoping for the release of 3DMark 2002, however, will be disappointed for the time being. Already with the publication of 3DMark 2001 it was clear that the rhythm at which a new version of the well-known graphics benchmark was published could no longer be kept. The development of a completely new version has become more complex year after year and therefore also required more time. The peak was initially reached with 3DMark 2001. Therefore it is not surprising at this point that an update will be published for the latest version of 3DMark. The revised version will be called 3DMark 2001 Second Edition. There will probably not be an update file, so you can prepare for a larger download now.

The benchmark, which has now been optimized for DirectX 8.1, is Windows XP compatible and will therefore come with a new test sequence. This test sequence is based on the Pixel Shader 1.4 supported by DirectX 8.1, which ATi's Radeon 8500 is currently capable of. Further innovations include an optimized use of compressed textures, full support of the current AMD and Intel processors as well as the elimination of all known bugs from 3DMark 2001.

The benchmark results of the new 3DMark 2001 should still match the be comparable to older version. Further information and the release date of 3DMark 2001 Second Edition are not yet known.