3DMark 2001 SE published - mirror with us

3DMark 2001 SE published - mirror with us

It had been clear for weeks that an update of 3DMark 2001 would appear before the 2002 version. 3DMark 2001 SE has now officially appeared. Hardly noticeable to the user, important improvements have been made mainly internally in the program code.

Full support of DirectX 8.1 and ATI's Pixel Shader 1.4 was also included in the benchmark, as was a new 'Advanced Pixel Shader' test. In addition, problems and non-representative results under Windows XP should be a thing of the past and the shadow calculation, which previously posed almost insurmountable hurdles to the tile-based rendering of the Kyro2, has been revised. An extended 'System Info' and the detection of the latest processors bring the 3DMark 2001 SE up to date.

Since MadOnion states in the readme that the results are compatible with those of 3DMark 2001, we have opened an Athlon C 1333 with Inno3D GeForce3 Ti200. And the SE version doesn't really bring any major changes. The total score is 40 points higher, which appears to be largely due to higher results in the fill rate performance. The picture should look different on Kyro2 cards. Because these should increase a lot in performance through the shadow bug fix.


Since we were also interested in the improvements in the interaction with a Kyro2, we also have a brief comparison here made for you. The positive but not exhilarating result can be seen in the screenshots below.

Advanced Pixel Shader
3D Mark 2001
3D Mark 2001 SE Results
Kyro2 comparison values ​​


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    Futuremark 3DMark2001 is the version of the popular 3DMark graphics card benchmark released in 2001.

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