3DLabs back in the battle for the fastest gaming chip

3DLabs back in the battle for the fastest gaming chip

3DLabs is actually known as a manufacturer of workstation graphics chips. When the graphics card manufacturer Creative recently took over this company, some were already thinking of future graphics solutions for gamers with chips from 3DLabs.

In addition to the successful high-end CAD division of 3DLabs, chips are now also to be produced for creative, which can compete with current game solutions from ATI and nVidia. However, the further development of the current chips should continue unabated. Later, after Creative marketed such cards under the '3D Blaster' label, the chips will likely be sold to other manufacturers as well. In contrast to the old Permedia series, the new chips should be faster than those of the competition. More detailed information on the new GPUs from 3DLabs should follow in the next two months. When exactly you can buy them is not yet completely clear. However, one can assume that the first cards will be on the shelves of retailers by the end of this year.

The current flagship from 3DLabs