3Dlabs announces new chip

3Dlabs announces new chip

Today there is finally something new in the graphics field that has nothing to do with the usual suspects from ATi and nVidia. 3Dlabs, which have been a major player in the professional graphics card market for a long time and especially in the OpenGL area, today announced their P10 Visual Processor Unit

The aim is to achieve a previously unknown parallelization from the third quarter of this year and bring scalability to the graphics market.

In development for two years now, they want to be able to do this before Christmas Delivery to the end customer can begin. The upcoming OpenGL 2.0 and future versions of DirectX (this is probably at least DirectX 9) should be supported as far as possible, which must enable almost freely programmable effects in a way that CPUs can already be used today. The whole thing should happen through the use of so-called virtual VPUs (Visual Processor Units), which would have to behave largely transparently for a program, i.e. these virtual VPUs cannot (and need!) Not be explicitly addressed, but the chip takes over the distribution of the tasks on the sub-areas completely independently.

The whole thing will accommodate the game designers thanks to a compiler-friendly architecture so that they can use this new flexibility as quickly as possible. According to 3Dlabs, the P10 has over 200 SIMD (Single Instruction Multiple Data = similar to the principle of MMX, 3DNow! And SSE (2)) 'Processors', which should mean more registers. For this purpose, the chip can address a virtual address space of 16GB, so that conventional AGP restrictions (aperture size is max up to 20 GB/sec. bandwidth will be available, which is based on a memory clockthe 300MHz would close (19.2GB).

Real-time wavelet compression for geometry and textures, a ray Casting engine for visualization, especially in the medical field, as well as the ubiquitous, much-invoked photorealism complete the preliminary information.

This is interesting for two reasons: On the one hand, 3Dlabs was recently taken over by Creative and, on the other hand, it is explicit in the press release pointed out that with a product based on the P10 you can enjoy this year's Christmas titles in unprecedented quality, so we assume that the P10 will be a consumer-level product.

Others Information is available from 3DLabs directly.