31-inch AM-OLED display from Samsung

31-inch AM-OLED display from Samsung

The Korean electronics giant Samsung presented a 31-inch AM-OLED display (Active Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode) on Thursday, which is four inches larger than the largest display from Sony shown so far is. The currently largest OLED TV Sony in series production measures only 11 inches diagonally.

On the occasion of the CES 2008 taking place in Las Vegas next week Samsung is now presenting the prototype of a TV set that is equipped with the 31-inch display. This has a depth of only 4.3 mm - around a tenth the depth of a standard LCD - and should consume less than half as much power as a 32-inch LCD. The service life is now said to be 35,000 hours, which would be a new record for AM-OLEDs. Samsung has not yet revealed any information on the contrast ratio and resolution, but it will certainly do so at the CES next week.

It is still in the stars when there will be televisions for everyone to buy and, according to Samsung, depends on the plans of the TV producers. Such a television would not be affordable for ordinary consumers in the near future anyway, because Sony's much smaller 11-inch model, which can be produced with a higher yield and a monthly production volume of 2,000 units, will cost the equivalent of a good 1,200 euros. On the other hand, a 14-inch OLED display is definitely to go into series production at Samsung in 2008, which, given the size, should still only attract a tired smile from home cinema buffs.