30,000,000 Playstation 2 consoles shipped

30,000,000 Playstation 2 consoles shipped

As Sony announced in a press release today, 30 million copies of the game console have been shipped since the PlayStation 2 was launched in March 2000. Four million devices were sold from February to April of this year alone, which indicates the continued high demand.

According to Manfred Gerdes, Managing Director of Sony Computer Entertainment Germany, the console's success is primarily due to its good availability of software titles (over 250), compatibility with the predecessor PSX and the integrated DVD player. Divided into the individual continents, the following picture emerges:

  • North America: 11.3 million (Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc.)
  • Japan: 9.9 million (Sony Computer Entertainment Japan)
  • Europe: 8.8 million (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Lt.)