300 million IE7 users, 125 million surfing with Firefox

300 million IE7 users, 125 million surfing with Firefox

Microsoft has announced that, according to internal evaluations, Internet Explorer 7 is used around 300 million times worldwide. The result for the first birthday is quite impressive, but should also be viewed differently. Almost in parallel, Mozilla also gave estimates of the distribution.

In his blog goes Mozilla's Chief Operating Officer, John Lilly, estimates that around 125 million Internet users worldwide use Firefox. This emerges from analyzes of the Application Update Service (AUS) integrated in Firefox. This tool asks daily whether an update is available and can therefore serve as an indicator for the spread of the browser. Currently, the request is just under 42 million per day, which, as is customary with counts of this kind, are multiplied by three and thus should reflect the 'real' activities. According to Lilly, however, the information can be classified as extremely conservative, as there is no really precise analysis of the spread of a browser. According to Lilly, a multiplier of 3.5 would be more in line with the facts. A few days ago, the number of inquiries via the AUS soared to just under 49 million, which would consequently suggest almost 150 million users (or 172 million with a multiplier of 3.5).

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Microsoft, on the other hand, is proud of its birthday Explorer 7 with 300 million users. After Internet Explorer 6, IE7 is now the second most widely used Internet browser and will soon take the lead. Not only Windows Vista has provided a significant upswing since the end of January 2007, the Windows update function has also been partially expanded , so that gradually every Windows user can switch to Internet Explorer 7Is 'resettled'. In terms of security and operation, Microsoft has made significant progress with the IE7 compared to the older Internet Explorer. Problems with security gaps that existed for almost 300 days should be a thing of the past. Microsoft states that around 900,000 phishing attempts are currently blocked by the browser every week. In addition, support requests for the new version of IE have decreased by up to 20 percent.

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