27.00 WHQL Detonator on

27.00 WHQL Detonator on

On the English-language site of, new and therefore official Detonator drivers have appeared soon. Both drivers have the coveted WHQL certificate, with which Microsoft recognizes drivers for use under Windows.

While version 26.53 is more likely to belong to the old generation, the version now found to be 'good' supports of the recently leaked driver 27.00 already the GeForce 4. Windows XP owners should be able to download the drivers here (hardware search -> video -> nVidia). Corresponding versions for Windows 9x/Me have not yet been released.

As always, we will try to get the drivers on our FTP.


After the upload I tried it myself - at least it should. Because instead of the appropriate drivers for the GF2-Ultra, the INF file only contains information about the NV17 (GF4 MX). Accordingly, the 27.00 WHQL is probably an incomplete beta version that has found its way into the network due to strange circumstances.