111101000010010000 WUs

111101000010010000 WUs

Who would have thought that back then. Exactly 15 months or 450 days ago the SETI team was founded by Computerbase. At the time, nobody who was there when it was founded believed that the team would be such a success. Even weeks after it was founded, it looked as if everything would fizzle out.

Nobody would have dreamed that we would have calculated 250,000 WUs one day. Those who had already had experience with distributed computing (DC) used their computing power for the UD project or RC5. Many had not heard of SETI and its DC offshoot SETI @ home. Only very slowly were we able to get more and more enthusiasm for SETI and our team through the commitment of those who had already committed themselves to the SETI project at the beginning. The team grew to 125 members by the end of last year, barely 4 months after it was founded. Since then, things have been steadily improving to this day. We are slowly approaching the 400th member.

But not only the number of members increased, the commitment of our crunchers also increased always on. Many of those who initially only calculated WUs on the side, dug out their old computers to make its computing power available to SETI and our team. Anyone who was just about to buy a new computer has also used his old one as a pure calculating machine to help the SETI project even more. Then there are also a few who upgrade just for Seti. If you can't talk about commitment!

We are now able to calculate almost 1,000 WUs per day. Perhaps it should also be mentioned that we can handle this huge number with currently around 225 active members. Like every other team, we also have inactive members who have either lost the desire to crunch or no longer want to or cannot continue for other private reasons. The 1,000 WUs a daycorresponds to a good 36 Mbytes of data that are calculated and the results of which are sent to the University of Berkeley in California. And remember that every day. Every 86 seconds, a result is sent back to the USA.

To indulge a little further in statistical data: In the past 450 days we have 93,440,000,000 bytes (87 GByte) calculated on data. Spread over each of the 450 days, we returned 555,555 WUs per day. It took our team 3 minutes for a WU.

One reason why things are progressing so rapidly is certainly that the CPUs are getting stronger and the calculation time of a data packet has dropped to two to two and a half hours with the current CPUs. That means with a computer with a top CPU you can easily manage 10 WUs a day. A year ago the bar was around four hours and 2.5 WUs per day.

There have been many changes since the day it was founded. Our team now has its own internet presence, i.e. its own team homepage. There is now also a team account that anyone can crunch to, for whom the team idea is most important. It is also doing very well in the race - currently in 19th place - and the trend is rising rapidly. We expect to move up to the top 10 this year.

For everyone who has now understood the station, a brief explanation: To put it briefly, the SETI project is trying to establish the existence of To prove life outside our earth. To do this, the sky is scanned with a radio telescope and the received data is searched for patterns that can be ascribed to an intelligence. In order to be able to evaluate this enormous amount of data even halfway in a reasonable time frame, the sub-project SETI @ home was developed. This means that anyone with a PC at home can use a small piece of the data from the radio telescope (WU - Workunit -Data packet) and send the results back to the University of Berkeley in California. They then evaluate the results, whether there are certain regularities that could possibly be the origin of an extraterrestrial intelligence. More information can be found on our team homepage .

If you are now interested in joining our ambitious team, take a look at our own homepage over.